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Henri Junttila

Founder of

Henri JunttilaNavid has the (magical) ability to create actionable content that you can use right away, which is a rarity in the online space today.

John Lee Dumas

Host of | Creator of Podcasters' Paradise

John Lee DumasWhen Navid hits publish, I get excited. I always implement at least 1 incredible action after reading, and remain excited to see the results!

Jan Koch

Entrepreneur and Business Coach,

Jan KochNavid is my go-to-guy for personal branding and leveraging my contacts. He always has great advice in mind!

Paul Colaianni

Podcaster & Blogger, The

Paul ColaianniDefinitely one of my favorite sites online. Navid, you keep gushing out value man!! Love it.

Kate Erickson

Content Creator & Community Manager,

testimonial_kateNavid, your blog has become one of my “must-reads”. I probably spend more time on your site than I do on my own.

Rick Mulready

The Inside Social Media Podcast,

testimonial_rickLoving the content you’re putting together and sharing with everyone. Keep up the awesome work, man.