How to Create Fame Online with Laura Roeder

Creating Fame Laura RoederIn this episode of Lifestyle Architects, I’m extremely excited to welcome social media marketing expert Laura Roeder of LKR Social Media to the show. 

(Be sure to watch the video interview below!)

Laura is the founder of LKR Social Media, the creator of an online program called Creating Fame and a few other awesome online courses as well. She teaches entrepreneurs and business owners to become the number one person in their field. She’s done that herself by becoming a go-to expert for social media marketing for small businesses (and building a million dollar per year business around it).

In this interview with Laura Roeder, we talk about creating fame online so you can become an authority and the go-to-expert in your field. By taking the right action by creating fame, you will also build an incredible platform and profitable personal brand online in a very honest and authentic way around your vision.

Interview with Laura Roeder – Creating Fame Online

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The Lifestyle ArchitectsLaura’s “short version” story on how she got started creating fame and building her very profitable personal brand online
  • What creating fame really means – and what the first step is someone should take for starting creating fame online and becoming an authority and the go-to-expert in your field!
  • What to do if you don’t consider yourself an expert just yet – how to get over the fear by creating your own opportunities
  • Laura’s best tips and strategies for successful guest blogging (even if you have no previous experience)
  • How to get featured in media
  • What to think about when it comes to website design when starting out
  • How to stand out in a very crowded niche
  • How to create shareable and memorable content in a very efficient way 
  • Laura’s take on SEO for ranking for relevant keywords for your brand
  • How to get started with public speaking at live events
  • Common mistakes people make when it comes to creating fame online
  • Laura’s best tips for connecting with influencers in your field in a very genuine way
  • How you become go-to-person in your field (aka be considered an ‘expert’ at what you do!)
  • What Laura would do if she started all over today, building her personal brand and creating fame online from scratch!
  • And much much more actionable tips and advice you can go out and implement TODAY…

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Keep your eyes on your own paper!

Going to conferences and meet ups are a shortcut to connecting with influencers in your field!

Best Business Books

  • Authority by Nathan Barry
  • Tribes by Seth Godin – Tribes is all about building that really strong community, the whole idea of a 1000 fans which is very important. This is a book Laura recommends a lot in her Creating Fame program as well. 

If you love listening to audio books, just like me, get your free audio book today and download Seth Godin’s Tribes, my gift to you for taking your time to watch and listen to this interview with Laura Roeder!

Laura’s Favorite Conferences For Entrepreneurs

Resources and Links Mentioned in this episode:

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Now It’s Your Turn!

Got questions or thoughts about anything you learned in this interview? Have your tried creating fame online and started building your authority and personal brand online? Please share freely in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for checking out this interview with Laura Roeder on creating fame online, you guys rock!

Until next time… stay inspired!


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  • Such a great takeaway on niches! “There’s already a million accountants… guess I won’t be an accountant.” Ha ha, so true! Nobody thinks like that. Such a great point! Awesome interview.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Paul, I really appreciate it!

      I love this takeaway too, and it’s very true that you should just keep your eyes on your own paper and don’t worry to much. Just work on your craft every single day, and the results will come if you are consistent.

  • Wonderful interview Navid, I loved listening to Laura’s recommendations and your interaction with her as well.

    Kind of hard to believe this is barely your second podcast (am I right?) you’re doing a fantastic job my man!

    Btw I agree that meeting live with people (even on Skype) is a world of difference in creating and nurturing great connections.

    There is something about it that text (email) just doesn’t have.


    • Thanks a lot Sergio, I really appreciate it!

      I’ve done a few more interviews before, but for this show it was the second one 😉

      If you can’t meet with people in person, connecting online over Skype or Google+ Hangouts is very important for building up valuable and great connections, as you say much better than via email for example.

      Again, thanks for all the ongoing support, you rock man!

  • Love the tips on connecting with influencers. Especially the one on commenting that you did something the influencer advised in a blog post. Good one.

    • Glad you found this interview with Laura valuable. Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment Jeremy!