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How Primoz Bozic Used Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch Course To Get 500 Subscribers In One Month And Make $250/hr

BY Navid Moazzez

In this special episode of The Lifestyle Architects, I’m very excited to have Primoz Bozic (Skyrocket Your Productivity) on the show to tell us how he used Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch Course to find the market for his skills as a productivity coach, grow his email list by 500 subscribers in one month, make more than $250/hour and package up his skills to create an online course that sells!

(Be sure to watch the video interview with Primoz below!)

The back story of this real life Zero to Launch case study is that my friend Michael Alexis connected me with Ramit Sethi’s team. They really liked my content and what I was doing, and asked me to do a few interviews with successful students who went through the beta program of Ramit’s Zero To Launch course.

Primoz Bozic from Slovenia is a productivity coach at Skyrocket Your Productivity, that help tech savvy entrepreneurs and executives earn more money, grow their business and get both more from their life and work by showing them how they can be more productive and balance their life.

Here is some interesting facts about Primoz before he took Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch Course:

Primoz lived in Slovenia (average annual income is $32,000/year), where he was earning $7/hour, which was still a very good salary among many of his friends. But Primoz wanted more so he could live a rich and very exciting life and do things that not only matters to him, but also make an great impact in other peoples lives.

Practically nobody supported me. I couldn’t even tell my parents that I was working on my own business because I was afraid what they were going to say.

At one point before Zero to Launch, Primoz was even writing blog posts EVERY DAY (giving daily productivity tips, and resulted in over 100 posts in 6 months!), but since the content weren’t that high quality, as time went on nothing really happened. Can you imagine the frustration? Writing post after post – and not knowing if anyone will ever come, sign up to your email list or pay attention to what you have to share with the world. That sucks big time!

Focus on 20% content creation and 80 % promotion. Then you will see great results over time!

Primoz Old Website
Primoz’s old website before Zero To Launch…where’s the sign up form, you can barely see it!

Zero To Launch (by Ramit Sethi) Case Study Interview with Primoz Bozic (Skyrocket Your Productivity)

(Click the play button and watch the video interview above)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Primoz story and motivating factors for starting an online business in the first place
  • Why Primoz dropped out of university despite just having 4 months left till graduation!
  • Barriers Primoz had to push through early on
  • The story how Primoz “invented” his own niche to become the productivity coach for poker players
  • The importance of validating an idea before committing full-time to a business or creating your first online course
  • Why it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people and investing in yourself and your education
  • How Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch helped Primoz take his business and life to the next level
  • How Primoz went from 0 to 500 subscribers in only one month (+ great list building strategies you can implement in your business today!)
  • Ramit’s “validation technique”
  • Why it’s so awesome to be a lifestyle entrepreneur and run your own online business from anywhere in the world
  • Misconceptions about starting a lifestyle business
  • Some of the biggest excuses people use to delay starting their business
  • And much much more actionable tips and advice you can go out and implement TODAY (This interview is long, but it’s jam packed with GOOD STUFF!)

Want Specifics? Primoz’s Results From Ramit’s Zero To Launch!

With his old blog (see screenshot above), Primoz was not able to make a lot of money at all, maybe a few Amazon affiliate sales here and there. He still had some clients, but not even close to where he is today.

Primoz invested a lot in himself and in fall of 2011, he took Ramit’s Earn1k. Earn1k really helped him start his own consulting business and a go from earning $7/hour at his day job to earning $125/hour by helping people become more productive and changing their lives in the process.

After Earn1k, Primoz took Ramit’s 6 Figure Consulting, which helped him take his consulting business to the next level. He managed to double his monthly revenue in just one month, and now making $250/hour.

What I find very inspiring is that Primoz can cover his minimum monthly expenses by just working 1 hour per week, or if you rather prefer it…4 hours per month! That really makes it much easier for him to focus and grow his online business, by providing more valuable content to his audience and creating more products for more automated sales.

Primoz CoachingPrimoz used Zero to Launch to find the market for his skills as a productivity coach, grow his email list from 0 to 500 subscribers  in only one month (see below under takeaways), and make over $250/hour from his consulting clients.

Not only that, with Ramit’s idea validation framework he was able to very soon know if his idea was good and if someone would actually buy his product. He packaged up his skills, and managed to create his very first online course that sells and make money while he sleeps…and since then he has developed a few other products and successfully sold them… how cool is that!? 

With my latest product, I managed to get enough sales to cover my monthly rent in just 4 days!

Primoz told me that his business and life is so much better now! His business is growing at a steady pace, and he’s living a rich life, including traveling to the United States twice – in business class! Primoz is earning much more money, and moved from Slovenia to Portugal with his girlfriend to live the dream!

Primoz First Course

It’s one thing to make money and get clients yourself, but what really matters is getting real results for your clients. And Primoz is a great example of that as you can see below!

Primoz Client RatesWhat Is Zero To Launch And Is It Really For You?

In Ramit Sethi’s own words, Zero to Launch is the proven step-by-step formula he used to grow a multi-million-dollar online business.


This course is not about consulting at all like Ramit’s other successful courses, Earn1k and 6-figure Consulting.

Zero to Launch is really about packaging the knowledge and skills you already have, creating an online product that sells, so you can share your message with hundreds or even thousands of people.

If you’re broke or have a stressed financial situation, you can’t probably afford Zero to Launch anyway and it’s not for you!

Something you can do if you can’t afford Zero to Launch, is to take a look at the case studies like this interview, study successful students websites, for example Primoz’s website or James’ website. See what other successful people are doing, try to analyze things like how we are writing great content ,list building and then reach out to me or them for advice!

Primoz says that Zero to Launch will probably save you months or even years of looking for some of this information on your own.

How is Ramit’s Zero to Launch different from some other courses online?

Zero to Launch is a step by step proven system, that works for him and his students. You will set up systems that keeps working and figure out things like what your optin offer will be, getting traffic to your website and what your message is and much more. Figure out what works, and keep focusing on only that! 

Ramit doesn’t just give you the tactics for building an email list for example, but also the strategies and the psychology behind it.

You should not buy this course if you’re looking for a magical solution! It takes hard work, you have to implement and test a lot of things along the way and take massive action in order to achieve great results as with anything in business and life. You should come in with the mindset that you will make it work no matter what and test things until it works for you! Then you will succeed with Ramit’s Zero to Launch course!

For more: Check out Primoz’s Zero to Launch review here!

Learn more about Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch course here!

Key Takeaways

  • Figure out what you want and be specific about it. Break it down into smaller steps and figure out exactly what you need to do to get there. Also be sure to be clear over your WHY!
  • It doesn’t matter what background you have, you can still build a successful online business! Even though Primoz lived in Slovenia, he managed to build a successful freelancing business (without having any credentials for what he was doing!), quit his job where he worked for 7 dollars per hour and in just over a year and a half, he managed to increase his consulting rates to more than 250 dollars/hour.
  • You will have ups and downs along your entrepreneurial journey. Instead of seeing it as failures, see as feedback and learning. Primoz “failed” 2 times with his freelancing ideas, but he didn’t give up. Then he practically invented his new niche (Productivity for poker players!) and getting his very first clients.
  • When you read books and take any training programs online or offline, you need to take action on the advice and information they share, otherwise you will see NO RESULTS! That’s something Primoz also did extremely well, and he TESTED things out until he made it work for him!
  • Mindset is EVERYTHING! Primoz switched his mindset from “I don’t think this will work for me” to “I will make this work no matter what” and taking consistent massive action until he get things right.
  • Primoz travelInvest in yourself and your education! Primoz invested over $10k last year in himself, and even before that he took a few other of Ramit’s courses such as Earn1K and 6 Figuring Consulting. He flew twice to the USA to attend conferences and he even grabbed lunch with Ramit Sethi once. He understood the importance of surrounding himself with the right people and mentors, which is crucial to long term success. I’m not saying that you should invest 10k in yourself if you have a bad financial situation, but at least do something in order to improve your current situation, business and lifestyle!

Primoz Ramit Sethi Zero to Launch

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. – Jim Rohn

  • You don’t need to write a ton of blog posts every week to get GREAT RESULTS! Focus on creating HIGH QUALITY content that your audience will love and promoting this epic content to the right people instead. Quality over quantity! Would you read your blog posts yourself? If not even you would read your own content why would other people do it?

As I mentioned above, at Primoz old website, he used write a lot of blog posts consistently. At one point, he even wrote daily productivity tips… like “take a walk”, “drink water” and “clean your work environment”.

But since it wasn’t really high quality content, he was not getting much results, and it wasn’t even driving that much traffic to his website. He only managed to get around 50 email subscribers in total in the 6 months he was blogging and putting out that much content!

So how do you create this amazing memorable and shareable content?

Obviously there are many ways to approach this, but here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Create something significantly better than what is already out there. Do your research and put your own spin on it. This works extremely well for me right now!
  • Storytelling – Tell your own story so your audience can relate and connect with you much more…this is very powerful, and both Primoz and I are using this technique successfully!

Think about some of your own struggles that you had when you were just starting out with your business for example. Try to really get into the mind of your audience. Write about the struggles of getting your first paying clients, or even how hard it was to write your first blog post and share your message with the world. Then build on this story and turn it into something actionable so your audience can learn from it, but most importantly get results themselves.

Be sure to focus on one subject, like “how to reach out to 3 successful people”. Start with the story to get people engaged, and when they are engaged and keep reading your content, then you give them something super actionable. Give your audience some actionable steps, but you can also take it a step further and give them a worksheet, or an action guide related to this specific blog post. You can even use this strategy for building your email list. Your blog post should be the logical next steps for people to do after they read your post!

Always meet or exceed your audience expectations and create content they will love to share with their friends!

  • Focus on building your email list from the very beginning! 

Now, Primoz has almost 800 subscribers on his e-mail list. Is he writing every day like he did before? NO, as a matter of fact, he just has few blog posts up on his site. One of the most impressive things I found from this interview, was that Primoz managed to go from 0 to 500 subscribers in only one month… and he did that with only TWO blog posts up on his site!

The money is in the relationship you build with your email list!

Primoz Email list

It’s also important that you have a great optin offer so people will actually sign up for your email list by giving them something VALUABLE in return so they will share it with other people. You also need to test your offer, and tweak it as you go for even better conversion rates.

Primoz does this extremely well as you can see below. He has a very simple but clean design on his site, using a premium WordPress theme by StudioPress and a clearly displayed featured box (big part of your website!) on the home page above the fold, for best exposure to new visitors that land on his site to increase conversion and get more people to sign up for your email list.

Primoz New Site
Primoz’s new site… getting much better results now!

If you are not building your email list, you’re an idiot! – Derek Halpern

Go to B-level bloggers when you are starting out (you don’t have to start with big ones like Life Hacker and so on). Be sure that the post your are writing a guest post for has high quality content. Make specific welcome page or landing page for the specific guest post on your site instead of just sending the new visitors to your home page. Here are some more really valuable guest blogging tips from 32 Experts!

  • Ramit’s “idea validation technique” – it’s truly amazing and it works!
  • Do surveys – ask your audience specific questions and figure out what they truly want, what they struggle with and so on.
  • Focus on the right things and have a strategy behind your action! While it’s great to over social media, and build up this massive following, when you are first starting out it is very important that you focus on building your email list by strategic guest blogging, going on podcasts and really creating valuable high quality content for your target audience.
  • The importance of validating your idea before really committing full-time to your online business or creating an online course and spending a lot of money early on.

For example, something both Primoz and I did when we created our first online course, was to host a free live webinar with YouTube Live/Hangouts, and then you can have people sing up for the webinar using LeadPages so you are actually growing your email list and at the same time you are validating your idea. Then you stream it live on the leadpages page with a chat box for interaction with your audience and have people tune in. (There’s some tech stuff that goes into all this, but this post and interview is not about that!)

You can get started without even having a sales page, or a fancy membership site ready and sell your first online course or product. Because of all the “tactical” and all the tech stuff, a lot of people don’t even get anything started, don’t be that person!

All you need is valuable content for your live webinar you can share with your audience and a brief product outline of what your course will be about and what people will get out of it (focus on results and benefits, not features!). Then after the webinar, you create the actual product, weather it is an email course, virtual live bootcamp over a weekend or a few weeks.

  • You can always provide value to other people, even if they are a big influencer in your field…always remember that! This unique opportunity I got to interview 3 successful students of Ramit Sethi’s Zero to Launch course is just one example of how I can provide value to a big influencer like Ramit, without asking for anything in return. I just do it, because I want to provide value to Ramit and I know what his products are awesome (No, I’m not even an affiliate for Zero to Launch!). I find it extremely valuable to connect with new inspiring people as often as I can. It will pay back down the road big time!
  • It’s all about taking massive action before you’re ready. Primoz is a prime example of that. He did is first webinar without even having a developed product and moving into a completely new and much more competitive niche, and writing his first e-book

Act before you’re ready! Just do it and take massive scary action!

Resources And Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Where To Find More About Primoz Bozic

Exclusive gift for the Lifestyle Architects audience from Primoz 

Ramit’s Courses and Programs

  • Zero to Launch – Ramit Sethi’s new course! In Ramit’s own words, Zero to Launch is the proven step-by-step formula he used to grow a multi-million-dollar online business. Not too bad ha? If you want to launch a successful online business, this is the course for you!
  • Earn1k – Earn $1000 on the side!
  • Ramit’s Brain Trust – Get access to Ramit’s inner circle of successful friends, advisors, and confidants plus a built-in community to hold you accountable—whatever your goal.
  • 6 Figure Consultanting – Get Ramit’s most advanced strategies for becoming a 6-figure Consultant
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit’s awesome blog
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit’s NY-Times Bestselling Book
  • BehaviorCon – Founded by Ramit Sethi and Michael Fishman, BehaviorCon is the preeminent conference on consumer psychology and behavioral economics as applied to marketing and business strategy.

Other Relevant Resources Mentioned

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Thanks so much for checking out this interview with Primoz Bozic on how he used Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch Course to not only to gain hundreds of new subscribers in a single month, but also go from making $7/hour to making over $250/hour and create his very first online course. I appreciate YOU!

Until next time…stay inspired!


Author: Navid Moazzez
The Huffington Post says Navid Moazzez is the world's leading expert on producing profitable virtual summits. His students have generated 100,000's of email subscribers and millions of dollars in sales in the past 12 months alone. Navid's mission is to show you what is REALLY working to start and grow your profitable online business, wherever you’re starting.
  • Alex CS

    I’m glad you did a write-up of this, it really makes me want to listen to it as well (going to do tonight when I’m winding down for the evening).

    Also, looks like the guy has a new subscriber – I’m interested in productivity as well. 🙂

    The most important thing that transformed making money online for me was what you said about “I don’t think this will work for me, or maybe it will work” to “this WILL work, no matter what.” I think that’s a VERY important lesson.

    I think most of us that start off online dream of the freedom, the money, and just having fun doing something we love. That instead working in a cubicle to make money for some invisible figure that only cares about shareholders and squeezing every last ounce of soul out of us. But do we REALLY believe it or is it just nice to have a small fantasy to get by those dreary days in the office?

    Really pulling all the stops is what matters. Working harder than others (more efficiently, NOT longer). Focusing on a SINGLE goal, not a million little dreams that never launch. Adding value, not simply thinking about money alone. And finally, making sure your dream happens no matter what. Don’t talk. DO.

  • Thanks for having me on the podcast Navid! I’m looking forward to seeing the insights from the listeners.

    @Alex, totally agree! In the end, taking action is what counts and makes the dreams become a reality.


  • Great questions Navid and very inspiring answers Primoz, thanks for being so open and honest!
    I find it very motivating to see how you’ve made your way and how you were able to push through difficult times by focusing on the important things.

    My biggest takeaways are the strategies you shared about growing your mailing list, creating lead magnets that actually convert and how to treat your subscribers well.

    It’s interviews like this we all can learn from, regardless whether we’re just starting our businesses or already run a profitable business.

    Looking forward to hear more from both of you!


  • Totally awesome content in this interview. I learned so much. Hell Yes instead of maybe?.. great to know!

    Love how he creates interaction with new subscribers. Excellent post!

  • Hey Navid and Primoz awesome content here! I’m signed up for Zero to Launch and really looking forward to it. Great to get real details and heaps of helpful info! 🙂 Becky

  • Wendy

    I just signed for ZTL as well, and with no firm business idea I was reassured by Primoz’s reminder that it’s all about going step by step and if you get stuck, there’s a community if people to help you figure out how to move forward again. I think we tend to forget that this is generally true in life if we would just get in the habit of charting a course and asking for help when we need it.

  • Fuad Efendi

    Really great content, and thank you for sharing additional resources! I am learned a lot, and I plan to visit few more times and to research additional resources mentioned.

    As I know from e-book by Primoz, Navid Moazzez was beta-tester of ZTL and made 32k in few days by promoting ZTL to his special sub-list of 500. So, I suggest you to download this e-book, and subscribe to other cool stuff of Primoz 🙂

    Two and a half years ago… Navid, what about now? I tried to find anything about Naveen Dittakavi’s “Recurring Revenue” course, but frankly it looks like what Ramit was saying: a lot of people get quick results, then disappear? Because of tactics and no strategy? I hope everything is fine; “fail fast”, and Naveen has reached his goals.

    Of course, your 32k affiliate prize is not quick: it took few years of sawing seeds.

    Looking forward for other success stories, from ZTL students, and not only: Frank Kern, Dan Sullivan, Mike Dillard.

    All the best,